My Ford Fiesta MK3 (+XR2i) :-)

My Ford Fiesta MK3 (+XR2i) :-)

On request, the pictures of my 2 (ex) Ford Fiesta’s MK3 :-) (added my favorite too, Ford Fiesta XR2i)

“La Ford Fiesta n’est pas seulement une voiture, c’est un style de vie”

-> “The Ford Fiesta is not only car, it’s way of life”

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3 Comments to “My Ford Fiesta MK3 (+XR2i) :-)”

  1. De pastoor // June 19, 2011 at 8:57 pm // Reply

    Yeahh wat een nostagie !!! :)

  2. Hello rear blinkers were painted on the outside or inside?


    • Hey,
      The last pictures are not mine, so I don’t know :-/
      Sorry, maybe a search on google can give you the answer.

      I guess on the outside because taking out lights are in general a tough job to do.

      Kind regards

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