Glossy 3D Glass Cube in Photoshop tutorial

Glossy 3D Glass Cube in Photoshop tutorial

I came across a post on the forum of Crystalxp on how to make a 3D glossy glass cube in photoshop. This one is very easy. All credits goes to this guy:

I wanted to make a tutorial on how 3D objects can be designed in Photoshop but I never got a chance , now I think it’s the time to go for it. here’s a little guide which can be used to achieve a 3D cube shown below:

Create a 200*200 white background document , make a fine gray square (color=7F7F7F) by selection tool on a new layer say Face1 , with this layer selected , press Ctrl+T to activate the transformation view right-click on square and select ‘Skew’ and skew the squre to get something like this:

Now copy the Face 1 and name the copied layer as Face 2 , give it a lighter shade of gray color (example: BFBFBF)and flip it horizontally , move it to the other side of the canvas to obtain an image like this:

Now we have two faces of the cube , to obtained the third face copt both the Face 1 and Face 2 layers and merge them into a single layer and rename it as Face 3 , give it the darkest gray shade (525252) of the two faces and flip it vertically , place this Face 3 layer below the first two layer in the Layer Palette , move the merged layer up so that the upper-side corners of this layer coincide with that of the Face1 and Face2 layers , you should get an image exactly like this one:

The last thing to do is to transform the Face 3 layer a little bit , select the said layer and go to ‘Edit->Transform->Distort’ now drag the mid-upper point of transformation down and then press Enter , move the Face 3 layer at tight position to achieve a similar result to this image:

These were the steps to achieve the a basic shape of a 3D-cube in Photoshop , after that the choice of colors and addons is up to you

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  1. I saw this guy’s art cubes and had to find out how he did it so I found your blog then, and it is very helpful.
    Still wrangling the images with that slippery s.o.b. distort and skew:)

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