The best way to completely clean your windows computer and make your computer run faster

The best way to completely clean your windows computer and make your computer run faster

We all know the problem, right? Your windows computer is slowing down. Sometimes not responding. Freezing, etc… It’s time to clean-up your computer a bit. Without computer knowledge you can already clean up your computer in order to make him faster again.

Here is how to clean-up your windows operating system. The 3 first steps can be done without any risks. The last ones are for advanced computer users, and may contain some risks (see colors).

1-      Uninstall all unnecessary programs.
You can do this in 2 ways.
a/ Uninstall feature in the windows control panel
b/ with a specific software, like revo uninstaller (free)
-> the revo uninstaller is better because it also deletes registry keys and folders

2-      Do a general cleanup (cookies, temp files, browser related stuff, …)
The best way to do so, is to use the software CCleaner which is also free. Run a full diagnosis and clean everything.

3-      Antivirus, antispyware, antimalware scan
Whatever program you are using, run the fullest scan possible and clean/disinfect everything

4-      Delete folders
Check all the folders in those folders for files and folders which are needed anymore:
C:\Program Files

5-      Msconfig
Start – run – msconfig /enter
Watch the tabs services and startup. See what is starting up with your computer and which services are running. If you don’t know a service or a startup program, google is your friend.
Uncheck all you do not use or do not need.

6-      Registry
Be carefull with this step, you are about to clean your registry.
Make a backup before proceeding.
Go to those keys and delete anything you do not need any more:

7-      Hijackthis
Your computer should be clean now. To check it, launch a program called hijackthis. He will give you a log. Check avery single line if what is written is indeed needed.

8-      Sysinternals
There are other tools to monitor the registry or running processes, like processmonitor and processexplorer from sysinternals.

If you know some mo

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