Home made perfect XBMC configuration: audio and video streaming plugins automatic install

Home made perfect XBMC configuration: audio and video streaming plugins automatic install

Xbmc is a powerfull and free mutlimedia application. I checked a lot of websites about audio and video streaming plugins and took the best out of it.

You can download the XBMC application here: http://xbmc.org/download/

You can get my own configuration here: http://benwake.com/upload/xbmc.rar

How to install?

- Download XBMC.rar and put it on your C:\ drive
– Extract the folder with winrar or 7zip so you get => C:\XBMC\
– Execute installprogrfiles.bat (this will copy all the data in your program files folder)
– For windows versions below windows Vista, execute installprofilebeforevista.bat (this will copy all the data into your profile folder = C:\documents and settings\username\…)
– For windows Vista and 7, execute installprofilevista&7.bat
(this will copy all the data into your profile folder = C:\users\username\…)

What you can expect (Youtube video) ?

What can you expect (Printscreens) ?

What can you expect (List) ?

1.1    Plugins – music
Belgian music (Flemish and Walloon) like
Vivacité, RTBF, NRJ, Bel RTL, … AND Klara, MNM, Nostalgie, Qmusic, Radio1, …
I also added the main ones from the Netherlands.

1.2    Plugins – pictures
Cartoons from www.comics.com .

1.3    Plugins – programs
Automatic scripts and plugin finder/installer like SVN installer and Zone installer.
A web browser is also included.

1.4    Plugins – video
Bande annonce Allocine
Film trailer website in French

Contains videostreams like south park, poker channel, sky sports, …

ESPN Video
Sport streams

Streamings about videogames, also releases, tests, …

National Geographic

This is a special plugin, it’s a portal. You can find the “Audio and video podcast” and the “winamp internet radio”.

NBC Universal


The real news network

De celebrity news plugin


Trailer addict

Winamp TV

Yahoo movie trailers HD


1.5    Scripts
Check news from hardware.info

Shoutcast video X

The weather channel

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14 Comments to “Home made perfect XBMC configuration: audio and video streaming plugins automatic install”

  1. will this work for Xbmc on Apple2Tv?

  2. Hi Ben,

    I am looking to set up an xbmc on ubunu. Will this .bat file work as well?

    • hi,the bat file is a dos which helps you to copy all the data.unfortunately it will not work on another OS than windows.but you can comy the files from the rar file,the result will be the same.
      thanks for your comment:)

  3. I have XBMC installed on my main system and i get audio from the tv without turning on the home theater (must have done it by accident) in the bed room i have a mini system but the audio will not play, i tried downloading your customized version but the bat file just flickers and nadah :-)

    • hi,
      very strange but like I pointed out in the previous comment you can just copy paste the content of the rar file.it should work afterwards:)
      let me know if it doesn’t.

  4. I have 2 systems, the main one works fine i can choose to play the audio from the tv or not (must have done this by accident) and i cannot do the same from the second unit i built in the mstr bdroom.
    I DL your program but cant open a BT file on my compute, if your system will fix y issue please tell me how to open it.
    to speed up the process i could call you on my dime/pence :-)

  5. How do you install this benoit?? I have extract it, Execute installprogrfiles.bat, execute installprofilevista&7.bat and copy/paste it to my xbmc folder but it doesnt work. I’m using xbmc 10.1 on windows 7 ult 64bit. Thank you.

  6. How can you set up espn on xbmc? Thanks

  7. Hi Ben,
    Thanks so much for doing this for people. ive been researching this for a long time and i’d like to softmod the xbox with downloadable software rather than using one of the games (Splinter Cell etc). Your instructions above seem to asume your xbox is already modded, am i wrong? Can you provide instruction on a good softmod technique? Thanks a ton!


    • Hi, I have no experience with softmod, I will look it up and maybe I recognize something. If not, maybe someone can help you here. Thanks for the positive comment!

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