How to make a website in 5 minutes. The easiest and fastest way without webdesign knowledge. Video and text tutorial.

How to make a website in 5 minutes. The easiest and fastest way without webdesign knowledge. Video and text tutorial.

As a lot of domain names are provided for free by a lot of ISP’s, people don’t know what to do with it. I can help you make a website with a great look in 5 minutes. No html, css, … knowledge is needed in order to create your website. Here are the few steps and the video tutorial below: 

What do you need?
- a Domain. This is the name on the internet, the url adress.
– a Hosting. This is your space on the internet, the FTP.
– a SQL database must be available for our CMS wordpress
Tip: I use Bluehost and for domain and hosting.


Minute 1 and 2: The start
- Make sure you’ve got everything by the hand of usernames, passwords, database names etc…
– Make a SQL database. In order to do this you should access PHPMyAdmin from your hosting/domain control panel. Write down the name you used.
– Download wordpress on (currently version 3.0.5)
– Extract wordpress and take a look at the php-config-sample.php file
– Modify the db name, username and password with the ones the hosting/domain provided you.
– Rename it to php-config.php
– Upload the whole folder to your FTP and wait 

Minute 3: Installing wordpress
- Go to and follow the install steps. You need to provide a site name, an email adress and a username and password in order to log in to the graphical interface of wordpress.
– If this is correctly done, which should be the case if you followed the steps, you will be forwarded to the admin page of your wordpress. Your website is already online! 

Minute 4 and 5: Creating content and typical wordpress terms.
- In order to create the content of your website, you need to know some terms wordpress uses. Here are a couple of terms which will be used frequently.
Posts = Articles you will post online, this will be your text and images.
Categories = menu items
Themes = appearance of your website, the layout.
Plugins = tools to make specific things working. Examples: Analytics, Contact Form, …
Menus = creating a menu with the categories.
Permalinks = option in settings in order to change the type of the links (date, postnumber, category, …) 

You have everything you need to know to make a decent website now without any webdesign knowledge. 

If you want some help to create your website or you want to customize your favorite wordpress theme. Please contact me, I will be glad to help you out. 

Thanks for reading. 

PS: I will post a video of this article on youtube shortly, be patient, it’s a matter of

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