The best free CDN, makes your site so much faster – wordpress compatible

The best free CDN, makes your site so much faster – wordpress compatible

A good site is also a fast site. In the neverending quest to make my site faster, I came up to the CDN idea.

Wikipedia tells us more about it:
A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers containing copies of data placed at various nodes of a network. When properly designed and implemented, a CDN can improve access to the data it caches by increasing access bandwidth and redundancy and reducing access latency. Data content types often cached in CDNs include web objects, downloadable objects (media files, software, documents), applications, live streaming media, and database queries.

Simple exemple. Your server is in America, a visitor in Belgium. Normally, the data will have to travel all the way from America to Belgium. With a CDN, the data will only have to travel from a coutry in Europe (France maybe) to Belgium. this makes a great difference when it comes to speed.
In my case, it made my site 3 to 4 times faster !

How to setup the best free CDN?

1- go to and register a free account. afterwards log in.
2- go to and add a new mirror.
3- when the mirror is finished, download and install the W3 total cache plugin (
4- Create a new cname at your hosting (cpanel)
5- configure it in the W3 total cache plugin and wait a couple of time
6- you can check the working at

I hope you have the same results as I have. Do not hesitate to post it in a comme

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4 Comments to “The best free CDN, makes your site so much faster – wordpress compatible”

  1. Hey Benwake, SpeedyMirror is not available now. Please tell me how can I use another CDN for free and please tell me the name of another free CDN if any.

    • Hi Ankit, it is indeed unavailable, I had to uninstall it from my website.
      The most known is amazon cloudfront, but it is not for free.
      Another one is cloudflare, free, but I didn’t test it.
      If you make the comparison with and without cloudflare, please let me know your results in a comment :)

  2. cloudflare worth to try, i using it at my blog. and its really speedup my blog. but its not CDN (sorry for my bad english)

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