9 ways to restore wordpress posts, even without backup

9 ways to restore wordpress posts, even without backup

If you accidently deleted a post from your wordpress, there a couple of solutions I can give you to try tu put the post(s) back.

1- Undo

Maybe not worth mentioning, but if you delete a post, right after you have deleted it, you can undo the deletion in order to put it back.

2- Trash

The most obvious one. Like in windows, if you delete a file, it may be still in your recycle bin. Same thing for wordpress.

Afterwards you can restore it like in the prints below:



3- Revisions

Wordpress saves your post automatically just like the autosave feature in Office. You can restore a previous version there to suit your needs.


4- Wayback

Wayback is a site that shows your site or site pages in the past.

Go to http://archive.org/web/, enter you site.

In my example I will take 7th August 2013

Then you will see your site how it was that day and you can restore your post like it was by copying the title, text and images.



5- Google cache

In order to serve you faster, google puts sites in cache, you can select it as it is shown in the print below:


6- Firefox Cache


7- Feedburner


8- restore from your hosting company (SQL database)

Some hosting companies offers daily/weekly/monthly backups. From your hosting control panel, you should be able to restore the content from a certain date.

BUT!! everything you have done since the date of the restore till the moment that you do the restore will be lost.

Example:today it is 13/12/2013 and you have a restore of 07/12/2013, if you restore it, everything between 07/12/2013 and 13/12/2013 will be lost.

9- browse from SQL database

If you have a .sql file, and you don’t want to loose everything you have made in between those dates, you want to search for wp_post. At least you can copy/paste the title and content like it was that day.

These are all the ways I know for restoring deleted/lost wordpress posts. Share in a comment if there are others.

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