Better hierarchical menu in wordpress – wp dtree customization – no images

Better hierarchical menu in wordpress – wp dtree customization – no images

If you would like to have a better menu, with hierarchy, install the wp dtree plugin. Put it in your sidebar as a widget. He will configure you categories and posts like a windows explorer view. 1- If you don’t want the images to display -Remove all the images but one in wp-content\plugins\wp-dtree-30\dtree-img – make the one you left transparant -set every image in the javascript (wp-dtree.js) to the one you made transparant, this way you will have a nice and clean menu

this.icon ={

root                 : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/empty.gif',

folder              : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/folder.gif',

folderOpen     : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/folderopen.gif',

node                : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/page.gif',

empty              : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/empty.gif',

line                  : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/line.gif',

join                  : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/join.gif',

joinBottom     : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/joinbottom.gif',

plus                 : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/plus.gif',

plusBottom     : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/plusbottom.gif',

minus              : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/minus.gif',

minusBottom  : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/minusbottom.gif',

nlPlus              : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/nolines_plus.gif',

nlMinus                      : WPdTreeSettings.imgurl + 'dtree-img/nolines_minus.gif'


2- to remove the category titel above the menu, remove this line in wp-dtree-widgets.php:

$title = apply_filters('widget_title', esc_html__($settings['title'], 'wpdtree'));

3- Set the color of the menu, hover and active link in the style.css theme

a:link {
color: #0066cc; -> #othercolor}

a:hover, vistited and activ

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