The best tamagotchi for your smartphone

The best tamagotchi for your smartphone

After my article of gtask to do list / task list, I am sure you have plenty of time now

Do you also have the nostalgic feeling when you think about your tamagotchi you once had, or your child had.

This little pet you could take care off…

Remember ? Feeling warm yet ?

Well, there is a cool little app on the android app store you can download freely that is the same as a tamagotchi.

But beware ! You will be addicted.

What has this app to offer:

- Feed, clean and watch your Pou grow

- Put him some special clothes on and other accessoires

- Play (lots of mini games inside the app)

- Let him sleep, and read all my other articles

Enjoy the app, and share some comments of what you think about it.

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