UMI X3 intensive review. Unboxing, design, startup, software, screen, sound, camera, battery, gaming, benchmark and conclusion

UMI X3 intensive review. Unboxing, design, startup, software, screen, sound, camera, battery, gaming, benchmark and conclusion

Hi everyone,

I have been watching the China Phone Arena for a couple of weeks now, and one of the phones everyone has been waiting for is the UMI X3.
He has everything you need: a big screen, full hd resolution, octocore, great camera, … but what about how the Phone really performs and feels?

I bought him from coolicool China ( and after 3 days I already received the package.


The box of the UMI X3 is rather the same that what we are used to with our European/American market brands. A rather simple and clean looking white box, with UMI written on the top. No pictures, not too much information (except a resume of the specs at the back), not too much blabla.


Opening the box is simple (no jewelry look-a-like as the Inew).
Inside, the Umi is well packed in a hard plastic, which is hold by a carton tray. Underneath the carton tray you will find the earpieces and the charger.
There is no battery as it is not replaceable and there is one screen protector as free gift. The manual is nowhere to find because everything is written on the carton tray.



The first impressions here depends on the fact if you are familiar with big phones. Because I am not, I was impressed by the size of the Phone, and more precisely the size of the screen.
Hell, 5.5″ is a lot bigger than I thought, it is really almost a tablet.

Although it is big, and you don’t have to understimate it’s wheight, it feels good and comfortable in the hand.
The Phone seems solid too. The buttons held firmly into place and there is even a cover on the audio jack.

Let’s make a tour of the Phone, starting at the back.


Because the Phone is ordered in white, the complete back is in white. Except the edges that touches the front are in aluminium. The back is, again, very clean, only a UMI logo and a 13MP camera/dual flash is what you see.

At the left side we have the SIM card tray, and at the right the Volume and power buttons.



At the bottom we have the grills that cover the speakers and the micro usb connection, and on the top we have the audio jack.



At the front, the screen takes a big part of the Phone. Except for the bottom where we have those dotted buttons, and at the top the 8MP camera and sensors.


The moment we were all waiting for, let’s fire it up !


In the meanwhile, these are the specs:

Brand UMI
Color Black
System Android 4.2
CPU MTK6592 2.0GHz Octa core
Front Camera 8 Megapixel
Back Camera 13 Megapixel
Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz WCDMA 850/2100 MHz
3G Support
SIM Card Slot One Nano SIM and One Mrico SIM Card
Display Size (inch) 5.5″
Screen Resolution 1920*1080
Languages English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Malaysia, Indonesia, Viet, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Thailand, Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Czech, Filipino, Magyar, Nederland, Romanian Greek, Hebrew, Simple/Traditional Chinese
Dimensions (W×D×H) 149 x 77 x 7.3mm
Net Weight 0.35KG

Whoohoo ! I already start to like the screen. The image is very bright and clear, and after the 2 logo’s, the Phone is started very quickly.



Once the Phone is started, it’s all Android magic here.


The Umi is running Android 4.2. The lock screen icon has been changed to the UMI logo, but except that, it looks unmodified.

The Quad core is doing his job, moving and scrolling from one menu to another or from one application to another is instant. I will cover some more processor intensive applications later on.

Again, the screen makes everything look a lot more smoother. The icons and texts are perfectly readable.


Screen and Sound

The best way to enjoy the screen and sound quality, is to rush to youtube and throw some Go Pro full HD trailer on it.

I push the brightness of the screen to a max and let’s see what our Umi is capable of. Are you excited? Because I am :)

It’s a shame I cannot show you this in a picture. But it is a sight for sore eyes! What a quality! The colors are great, the full hd is clearly presence.

You are not seeing the video, you ARE literally in the video. I have the feeling I am driving my mountainbike right now.



Putting effort in such a great Phone is one thing, and it clearly is a success story till now. But the battery is another part of the review.

It’s a bit of a bummer the battery is not replaceable, let’s see the results.



Like every Chinese phone lately, a lot of effort has been put into the camera. And it may be my own perspective, but it shoots really great and there are a lot of options in order to get the best picture that suits your needs. I personally do like the HDR function.

Technically we have a 13MP rear camera and a 8Mp front one.

These are some picture samples:



You can zoom into the picture very far before it becomes ugly. And with all the options you have, it will be difficult to find a situation where you can’t take a good shot.


I am not a big “phone” gamer myself, but I like to play some funny games to spend some time.

So I couldn’t make this review ignoring those funny games that makes our day.

I will start with “The Minions” and end with “Asfalt”, which is a more graphic intensive game.

The conclusion was predictable for both games, no lagging at all, everything went smooth. TheMT6592 octo core and the Mali 450MP GPU are doing their jobs like it should be.

Oh, wait! Did I tell you how great the screen performs? Yeah I think I’ve covered that already.




And just to give us a global idea of the phone’s performance, I ran an Antutu benchmark which gave us a total score of 23277.

Which means he is just between the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S4.





The UMI X3 is impressive, in a lot of ways. The screen size and quality blows you away, the sound is great. Thanks to the octocore, the UMI’s graphical performance in game is very good. And we will not forget the 13Mp camera which is performing very well.

At the other end, the weight and the non removable battery are the biggest negative points.

But it is really good bang for the money !

Let me know what you think of it !

If you have some questions left, do not hesitate to ask me, I will do the best I can to answer you.

If you think something is missing in the review, or you would like me to review a part that hasn’t been covered, please ask.

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