Let’s talk iphone event resume – all facts put together – iphone 4 vs iphone 4s

Let’s talk iphone event resume – all facts put together – iphone 4 vs iphone 4s

A lot of people where watching the event live from their couch. But I guess the dissapointment was big for a lot of you. I already red on some online newspapers, a lot of people where expecting the Iphone 5, but only the Iphone 4s came.

Here are the facts:

The iphone 4s will be 7 times faster as the iphone 4, thanks to his new processor (A5 dual core chip).

The battery will last 8h longer as the iphone 4.

The download speed will be improved and will be twice as fast thanks to the two antennas.

The camera will be a 8Mp which can catch more light and take pictures 3 times faster. You will also be able to record a movie in HD (1080p) and edit your pictures directly on the iphone.

The Iphone will have a better Retina display

Siri -> speach recognition (see movie below)

IOs5 will be pre-installed with Icloud

The price remains unknown for Belgium (and a couple of other countries)

Other facts of the “let’s talk iphone event”

Steve Jobs wasn’t at the event

“For the first time ever we offered Lion as a digital download only” (source: thisismynext)

300 Million Ipods have been sold

16 Billion songs have been downloaded from itunes

Over 80% of the top hospitals in the US are testing or piloting iPads.

500 000 apps on the appstore

downloads from appstore: 18 Billion

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