Benwake’s Aopen HQ08 mod / tuning with mirror mod

Benwake’s Aopen HQ08 mod / tuning with mirror mod

This is the final mod of my aopen HQ08. Some specs about the case and my pc/watercooling can be found at the end of this article.

So here is the log of what I did:

1-Pictures of the original case

2- Dremeling the window

3- The painting (what I used to paint and the different layers)

4- A picture of the watercooling set, more info at the end of this article

5- Motherboard with no heatsink, the Alphacool HF14 chipset waterblock and with Swiftech Apogee GTZ cpu waterblock installed

6- The XFX hd4890 vga card with the EK-FC4890 CF waterblock

7- Mirror mod (spiegel mod) with neons behind it

8- The laing ddc pump with XPC reservoir

9- The front fan blowhole

10- Top fans with 240mm radiator

11- Plexi

12- result with light

13- Result in the dark

A little video about the dremeling of the case:

These are the specs of my computer
Aopen HQ08
700W coolermaster silent pro
Asus P5Q-E
Q9650 @ stock (2.83ghz)
XFX hd4890
4Gb OCZ watercooled DDR2 pc1066 ram
WD 500gb + samsung 1.5TB
DVDrw and card reader

The watercooling and modding:
Swiftech laing ddc + reservoir
Swiftech Apogee GTZ
Alphacool HF 14 chipset waterblock
Watercooled OCZ ram
2*12cm radiator
Tygon tubing

1 front zalman 12cm fan
2 top zalman 12cm fan (rad)
2 red 80mm fans at the back
3 UV neons lower part of the case
2 UV neons upper part of the case
2 Red neons for the plexi mod
Red UV cooling
Zalman Z4MFC1 rheobus

I hope you like it. If you have questions or you want some advise or a case made by me, do not hesitate to contact me.

See you soon for another casemod,

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  1. Gast, het ziet er naar uit dat ge u nog ‘s gegeven hebt.
    Maf, knap gedaan. Maar ik had nie anders van u verwacht.

  2. Vetjes man,

    daar zit hele mooie toekomstmuziek in lijkt me zo.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. zeer mooi gedaan. mooie afwerken zeker met u naam.

    groetjes jens

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