[1. INTRODUCTION] CIP: Benwake’s Corsair 800D Chinese Acrylic watercooling case mod. Work log in progress.

[1. INTRODUCTION] CIP: Benwake’s Corsair 800D Chinese Acrylic watercooling case mod. Work log in progress.

Hello everyone,

After nearly 10 years of using (and abusing) an Aopen HQ08, it is surely time for something else. The Aopen has now been modded several times and almost falls apart, and the new one has been chosen: Corsair Obisian 800D

New components have been purchased: Corsair 800D MSI Z87-GD65 Core i5 4670K Corsair Dominator Platinum 8gb 1600 Gigabyte R9 280x

All other components and most of the water cooling from the Aopen case are migrated to the new one.

The famous Aopen HQ08:



Quite by chance I came across acrylic tubing and I knew immediately that this is what I need.

Briefly, what are the plans (and also a few comments / questions):

CPU Water Block Swiftech Apogee GTZ Socket 775 Dimensions of S775 = 72×72 and S1150 = 75×75 If I still know my Pythagorean theorem, it means that the holes where the screws are in the GTZ must move 2.12mm, this should not be a problem. So it fits on a S155x socket. Since everything has a red / black theme, I plan to spray the silver in red. On the black middle block comes also two red fittings. http://tinypic.com/r/14kf9qa/8

Radiator [u] Currently I own a 2×120, but I don’t know if I am going to re-mount it on the outside or just inside. What do you think? [/u]

chipset waterblock I am afraid that the one I have is too small, too useless and sloppy in my new setup. So I will leave that omitted.

VGA Water Block I will have to cut my waterblock to fit the R9 280x. It is the one of a HD4890, which after some cutting and customizing was installed on my hd6950 and now it should fit my R9 280x. Maybe I am going to spray the underside of the plexi in black and put a couple of red LED’s in the plexi. [u] Then the question is, red or black fittings? [/u] Maybe I should spray the visible top of the waterblock (copper) also in Black, or Red … :)

Ram waterblock My OCZ Flex II will no longer be compatible, especially with the Corsair Dominator Platinum, so that I can better not install. Currently, there is a white LEDs in, I will try to install red ones :)

Pump + tank My laing pump + xpsc reservoir is still doing well, so no change here.

In this picture you can see my top mounted rad and reservoir/pump at the right bottom corner of the case:


Tubing I guess 2 to 3 meters would be enough Currently I see these options: https://www.caseking.de/shop/catalog/Wasserkuehlung/Schlaeuche/Acryl-Schlaeuche/E22-Ultra-Hard-Acrylic-Tube-12-10mm-50cm-transparent::29719.html 50cm 12/10 4.90€ https://www.caseking.de/shop/catalog/Wasserkuehlung/Schlaeuche/Acryl-Schlaeuche/PrimoChill-Acryl-Tube-13-10mm-90cm-transparent::26664.html 90cm 13/10 8.9 € https://www.caseking.de/shop/catalog/Wasserkuehlung/Schlaeuche/Acryl-Schlaeuche/Monsoon-Hardline-Acryl-Tube-13-10mm-62cm-4er-Pack-transparent::28333.html 4×62 = 2.5m 13/10 13.9€

Fittings Depending on the choice that I make and the advice I get, I will have to buy it yet: Rad: 2 black or red CPU: 2 red VGA: 2 black or red Pump reservoir: 2 Black

The only downside is that 13/10 are significantly more expensive than 12/10. 12/10 black = € 4, red = € 6 13/10 black & red = € 7

Monsoon seems to be the best price / quality. PrimoChill seem the best known.

DYE Mayhem red or something similar

LED strips only red

Dampening material I think the 800D is a bit noisy, especially the hard disks at the front, I’ll probably have to do something about it.

Sleeve Black and red combination

These are the plans currently, if everything goes well, I’ll start after the weekend.

1 / collect all the parts from the old case 2 / what needs to be modded from old parts, mod in advance 3 / measure everything nicely to be sure exactly what to buy 4 / install everything

Dremeling in the 800D will not be the case this time, but I will need plenty of time for the acrylic water cooling

I’ll get everything tonight or over the weekend from the old case and make some photos to give a better picture :)

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