How to repair an amplifier in safe mode – audison millenium power 4

How to repair an amplifier in safe mode – audison millenium power 4

My amplifier is broken, it allways light up the ‘safe’ led.

After looking up on the internet and checking all my cables and putting the amp to the minimum, I came to the conclusion maybe some of the output transistors failed to work.

These are all the pictures I took during the opening of the amp and disoldering of the broken transistors (with the multimeter set to Diode as a proof).

I will update this post with newer pictures of the replacement of the transistors, and I hope my amp will work again :)

I replaced the two transistors, cleaned the board and the metal. Afterwards I putted some thermal grease on the transistors.

I putted back everything in place. Afterwards, it was time to clips the transistors. Put all screws back. This are the pictures:

I tested it and guess what … problem solved !

Links I’ve used: and

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me :-)

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6 Comments to “How to repair an amplifier in safe mode – audison millenium power 4”

  1. So when u put the 2 transistors on that’s is that all u had to do? Cause I checked my amp and seen 2 of them burned up so is that all I need to change? Please help

    • Yes, those output transistors were faulty.
      The problem is, in my case, it worked for 20 minutes and then it was broken again.
      Something in the circuit caused those transistors to fail.
      And troubleshooting that was too difficult, but it was worth to try it.

  2. Hello!
    Can you help me?
    Seeking four car amplifier Audison Millennium power4 schematic. Reverse capacitor wiring burned out due to the following resistances: R160, R161, R152a, R169,
    If the resistance values of m ondani you can, it would be a great help!

    • Hi, glad I am not the only one who was struggling with an amplifier. I am sorry, but I even didn’t found any schematics for my model :/ Good luck !

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