The cheapest ipad: Hp Compaq tc1000 :-)

The cheapest ipad: Hp Compaq tc1000 :-)

Don’t worry, it’s only a little joke. What’s so special about the tc1000 / tc1100:

+ Notebook, tablet and desktop at the same time
+ Full windows functionality (according to youtube movies I saw, is windows 7 even possible)
+ Special pen where drawing, writing, … is possible. Even text recognition is possible (from handwriting to text) and features like gum, fluo pencil, …
+ With the docking it’s a complete desktop
+ Keyboard and mouse trackball like a normal laptop is also included (when rotating the screen)
+ Reading ebooks or newspaper articles when screen is vertical
+ …

The Pictures (some are mine, for all others: all the credits goes to the makers :))

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2 Comments to “The cheapest ipad: Hp Compaq tc1000 :-)”

  1. Thanks for this post with the pictures. Just picked one up for a steal at ten bucks WITH the dock! Works like a charm. I intend on using it for pixel art, so the relatively slow processor isn’t an issue. I threw in an 80GB HD and 512MB of ram and it’s enjoyable. Surprised they don’t make these still. I’d love to see HP release an updated version based on the same design.

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