How does a playstation 1 or 2 controller works? how to repair it?

How does a playstation 1 or 2 controller works? how to repair it?

This how-to will learn you:
– How a playstation controller works.
– What the defects are
– How to repair them

The screw I was talking about

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10 Comments to “How does a playstation 1 or 2 controller works? how to repair it?”

  1. heyy
    my ps2 controller does not get any tips for me.all the buttons work perfectly however the controller does not get power. please help me..

    • Hi,

      The ground cable is the black one.
      The power cable is the red one (3.3V)
      The grey one is also a power cable, but only for the motors (vibration)

      So check the ground and red cable with a multimeter if you have 3.3V.
      Check the board too with the multimeter.
      If it’s not working in another port or in another playstation, it is surely the controller. Otherwise it could be the port in the playstation.

      Let me know if you’ve found something.


  2. thank you for your video. i still have one controler i cant get fixed. when i plug it into the ps2 it tells me that the controler has no analoge. on the front of the controler is the analoge button. when i press it the light does not come on. what do i need to look at or repair. thank you.

    • Hi, this is a difficult problem. did you tried the controller on another playstation?
      If this doesn’t work neither, you can try open it, and see if anything is loose or burnt.
      I didn’t had this problem, so for me it is very uncommon.
      Let me know


  3. my x button does not work. but when i plug the controller out then back in the x button only works once(i can only press it once)

    • This is a strange problem, and afterwards he disappears again? Seems a bad contact or something? It can be the mainboard, but I don’t know for sure.
      Let me know if you found it !

  4. benwake thx 4 the vid but was wondering how to repair my analogue since it is loose its not an electronic but mechanical problem and in your video u did not show how to repair the mechanical bit of it…thx

    • Hey Daniel,

      With the mechanical part, I do not think there is anything else you can do other than replace the part itself.
      If you take a picture and put the link here, maybe I can try to help. It is easier when I actually see what’s wrong.


  5. ryan unger // April 2, 2015 at 8:22 pm // Reply

    Hi. I have a playstation one regular turbo controller. The d pad doesnt respond but I think the other buttons are good. What do you suggest I do to fix this?

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