All my setups: Socket 775, 939, 478, 462, 373, 7 100% bench!

All my setups: Socket 775, 939, 478, 462, 373, 7 100% bench!

A couple of times ago, testing hardware was one of my favorite hobby. I always kept the best for benching, and this are the setups. Please note that it has been a while I didn’t bench, so some of the setups could be better. If you have comments or you want some info, shoot:

Socket 939 (Amd athlon64, X2, opteron)
dfi ultra-d, removed ihs opteron 165, phase complete on dfi ultr-d, timings bh-5 ram

Socket 370 (Intel Celeron, Pentium 3)
Vmodded Tusl2-c and agp modded Asus 6800GE V9999

Socket 7 (Intel Pentium 1, MMX – Amd K6, K6-II, K6-III)
Asus P5b and the same 6800GE :-)

Socket 462
abit nf7-s

Socket 478
asus p4c800e-deluxe

Socket 775
asus p5q-e, 4gb ocz, hd4850@crossfire, E8500 => game setup = all water cooled

All the other setups are unbenched, I made a couple of results with them by air, but nothing spectacular.

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