twinkle twinkle little star on piano – My first ‘lesson’ (how to learn)

twinkle twinkle little star on piano – My first ‘lesson’ (how to learn)

I was always fascinated about piano, I saw someone playing at our shopping centre and I thought “I would also like to play piano”.
I bought a Casio CDP-100 digital piano, which is not bad and started to watch the youtube channel from Lypur.
This is my first video, after playing 10 minutes on the piano and NEVER EVER have touched a piano of my whole life.
I know already I’ve got the annoying habit of pushing harder the last key of the piano because of the hapiness I have knowing I’m doing it “correctly”, sorry for that.
I also added “how to learn” in the title, because I think it’s easy to read my fingers as I am an amateur and doing it quite slowly.

If you have any constructive comments, do not hesitate. :)

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  1. Goeie keuze, de Casio CDP 100 is een ideale piano om mee te starten.

    Hoe vlot het piano spelen ondertussen nog?

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