10 articles on the endless battle of PES 2012 vs FIFA 12

10 articles on the endless battle of PES 2012 vs FIFA 12

In the ongoing and endless battle of PES vs FIFA (12), I was looking for a couple of articles to make myself an idea on which one was better on which points. This is my list:

Article in Dutch, in 3 rounds: http://digitallife.nl/games/23282-fifa-12-vs-pes-2012—ronde-1.html

Complete article in Dutch: http://www.insidegamer.nl/playstation3/fifa-12/rubrieken/36977/FIFA-vs-PES-seizoen-2012-speelronde-1.html

Gameplay and Graphics in English: http://www.product-reviews.net/2011/06/04/fifa-12-vs-pes-2012-which-has-better-gameplay-and-graphics/

Kind of slideshow (English): http://bleacherreport.com/articles/822541-fifa-12-vs-pes-2012-which-game-is-worth-your-time-and-money

French article: http://jeuxvideo.20minutes-blogs.fr/archive/2011/06/16/fifa-12-vs-pes-2012-la-preview-sans-protege-tibias.html

Discussion on a forum: http://www.totalfootballforums.com/forums/topic/71121-fifa-12-vs-pes-2012/

View results of vote (+lot of comments): http://www.totalsportsmadness.com/2011/08/21/fifa-12-vs-pes-2012-which-game-is-better/

Video comparison: http://myona.com/2011/08/22/pes-2012-fifa-12-gameplay-video-comparison/

A couple of aspects are discussed here: http://gamingbolt.com/fifa-12-vs-pes-2012-which-one-should-you-buy

Last but not least, check ou this site: http://www.fifavspes.com/

Hope you like it. Which one should you buy :)

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