All players (and best) complete statistics PES 2011 guide in excel pdf and ebook

All players (and best) complete statistics PES 2011 guide in excel pdf and ebook

I found this on the internet and I thought it would be nice to share.

All credits goed to the person who provided the link in, I only updated it a bit:

Ever wondered who was the best wingback, the fastest player, the best defender, best captain …
In the file, everything is detailed: Name, Name on Shirt, Teams, Nationality, Age, Height(cm), Weight(Kg), Stronger foot, Favorite side, Positions, Injury, Attack, Defence, Body balance, Stamina, Top speed, Acceleration, Responsiveness, Agility, Dribble accuracy, Dribble speed, Short pass accuracy, Short pass speed, Long pass accuracy, Long pass speed, Shot accuracy, Shot power, Shot technique, Free kick accuracy, Swerve, Header Accuracy, Jump, Technique, Aggression, Mentality, Keeper skills, Teamwork, Form, Weak foot accuracy, Weak foot frequency, P01  Classic No.10, P02  Anchor Man, P03  Trickster, P04  Darting Run, P05  Mazing Run, P06  Pinpoint Pass, P07  Early Cross, P08  Box to Box, P09  Cut Back Pass, P10  Incisive Run, P11  Long Ranger, P12  Enforcer, P13  Goal Poacher, P14  Dummy Runner, P15  Free Roaming, P16  Extra Attacker, P17  Chasing Back, P18  Talisman, P19  Fox in the Box, S01  Marauding, S02  Passer, S03  1-on-1 Finish, S04  PK Taker, S05  1-touch play, S06  Outside Curve, S07  Man Marking, S08  Slide Tackle, S09  Covering, S10  DF Leader, S11  Penalty Saver, S12  1-on-1 Keeper, S13  Long throw, S14  Speed Merchant, S15  Shoulder Feint Skills, S16  Roulette Skills, S17  Flip Flap Skills, S18  Turning Skills, S19  Scissors Skills, S20  Flicking Skills, S21  Step On Skills, S22  Side S

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