Battlefield 3 has stopped working – not responding – vista & Windows 7 fix

Battlefield 3 has stopped working – not responding – vista & Windows 7 fix

If you have windows vista or windows 7 32bits (the fix will only work with those OS’s) and BF3 has stopped working or is in a not responding state after approximately 15 minutes, try this fix.

This fix will extend the user virtual adress space and will let you enjoy the game again.

-> the last one is to put the situation back to normal if the fix is giving any trouble

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7 Comments to “Battlefield 3 has stopped working – not responding – vista & Windows 7 fix”

  1. Dear Sir;
    Kindly support me in solving this issue;
    I run Syndicate game , for a while I have .dll problems, I solve it by downloading, then at last I got Syndicate (TM)has stopped working.

    Please help

  2. Please note that the game was running but so slow,that was before a week and just before two days I formatted the laptop, hopping that when I reinstall it again I can play well with out delay and freeze.
    Bit I got the above problem
    Syndicate (TM) has stoped working

  3. Hi, I am sorry, but I am afraid I can’t help, this post is only meant for a Battlefield 3. Maybe some one else can help you find a solution.

  4. Solution to run BF3

    You have a folder called Original in the installed path. Open it and you will see reg files and bf3.exe file. Double click and run those files and bf3.exe as well. Error comes just ignore it. and try to run the BF3.exe from Battlefield folder. Now your game should run. If not then
    Try the above steps two or three times. If doesnt run then restart machine and try running those reg files and then BF3.exe file from Battlefield folder. Now atleast it should run. If not then go to below path and do this
    You will see new folder getting created in registry.
    To check in registry . windows+run and type regedit. hkeylocalmachine->software->wow6432node\eagames or easports.

    Just delete the Battlefield folder getting created after running the above steps. Now go and run the file . Game will run. Each time I do these steps and game will run without and interupt in middle.

    If you have hands on with troubleshooting in PC then try above things repeatedly it will work. Sometimes restart machine and try it will work.

  5. hey,i installed bf3 in win7 32 bit

    itz doesn’t work..itz show d error of
    DirectX device creation error

    what should i do now???
    please help

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