First official rockstar trailer GTA V – GTA 5 + trailer analysis (second by second)

First official rockstar trailer GTA V – GTA 5 + trailer analysis (second by second)

Isn’t this exciting? This is the first official trailer directly picked from

Now already, we can see some interesting information from the trailer. I watched it over and over again, and this is what I’ve noticed.

- Offcourse, better graphics, everything looks better than GTA 4 (look at the cars and the people. Also the buildings are well designed)
– Obviously, there are cars. But also jets, jetski’s, bicycles, police cars. Maybe more?
– The game takes place in San Andreas (look at the car plates, Santa Maria Beach, Vinewood & Yellow Bell Golf Course)
– In the landscape we can see beaches and mountains(Mount Chiliad?). (remember Vice City along the pink colored coast)
Humor. Check the Jetski logo “speedophile” and the construction site mentioning “STD Contractors”

Complete analysis, seconds by seconds:
16sec -> Golf course
19sec -> Speedophile 2000, but not our main character drives it.
20sec -> mountains
24sec -> unofficial range rover is back, unofficial Aston Martin too. Piercing -> possibility to modify character (tattoos, piercings, hair, …) ?
29 -> someone driving offroad
32sec -> notice the muscle sands and workout part. Mini game like San Andreas?
33sec and 37sec -> gangs are back?
41sec -> main character and buildings. Something with construction?
44sec -> planes
46sec -> bank robbery. Looks like our main character is involved.
47sec -> Atom Burger. Possibility to eat and drink? Making your character evolve? (fat or well built)
54sec -> real estate. Possibility to buy houses?
54sec -> 2405 = release date 24th of may?
55sec -> Hookers are back? :)
1:02 -> bikes ! (and nightlife?)
1:04 -> police car chase
1:06 -> Police chase on foot. Helicopter !
1:11 -> Vinewood, defenitely San Andreas !

Have you seen more, tell it in the comment :)

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4 Comments to “First official rockstar trailer GTA V – GTA 5 + trailer analysis (second by second)”

  1. this shit is fucked up damnn hell no this is crazy cant wait

  2. official trailer:
    00:06 – rolling shore , surfboard , winds…
    00:10 – funfair , bulding at the top of mountain
    0:12 – bussy traffic , a chopper
    00:17 – golf buggy , zeppelin
    0:19 – safety jacket ,in gta iv we have helmet!
    0:35 – more enterable building
    0:38 – building underconstruction , being builded on real time or one of our job oppurtunity?
    0:50 – realease date for console is 4 may …or another trailer?
    1:11 -almost real scale but a lil smaller of los angeless.
    overall – the bike scene , somehow just goddamn shor , probably motorbike is harder to get? and there is no scene that showing the bike is being ride….

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