Best car for each class TDU – Test Drive Unlimited

Best car for each class TDU – Test Drive Unlimited

According to the website, these are the best cars for each class:

Group G: AC289, Lamborghini, and Shelby Daytona
Group F: Alfa Romeo and Audi TT
Group E: Skyline GTR
Group D: Maserati GranSport, Aston Martin DB9, Lotus Esprit
Group C: Corvette C6 or Noble M12
Group B: Corvette c6
Group A: Ferrari Enzo

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11 Comments to “Best car for each class TDU – Test Drive Unlimited”

  1. awesome i thought that saleen is the best class A car. now i don*t have doubts anymore, but what about the bikes? wich is the best ? and one more thing: i can*t make the telepoter work. i simply drive through it but nothing happens. i made it to the secret island using a trainer but i don*t wanna do that again. i like to play the game as it is but when something is not working… i don*t like it.

  2. oh! and skyline gtr? where is that car because i searched it at nissan car shop ant there were just two nissans 750….with different paint jobs. i want skyline. it looks so cool.

  3. how long is this web page created? because TDU is the greatest simulator i have ever played and i am surprised that no one has commented here before.. i am waiting a response if you know something about the teleporter issue because across the internet i found no answer about that ( i have bonus pack installed, game version 1.66A, and crack from vitality)

    • I have this post almost since TDU 2 came out, most people comment on the other posts about TDU2.
      Check my comment above for more info about the teleporter.
      For the skyline, it can be an expansion pack too I think

  4. I will try to get that Skyline into my game and i think i also know how to use the teleporter because someone wrote on another website that i have to drive with 40 m/h (64 Km/h) and then press enter. Guess i will try that. Thank you for answering my comments.
    Drive safe :)

  5. HELLO again! still me enjoying tdu as much as i can. i couldn*t find a mod or update to get that Skyline. Yet, i was surprised to see it (while the camera was moving) standing in the nissan car showroom just near the other two cars. and i was like WHAAAT? and i can*t buy it? ahh, never mind. i have one last question (i think). It is about the secret car wash. i saw it over the internet but i can*t figure out what files must be changed to unlock it. Can help me out? i know cars don*t get dirty but it would be more fun to see those girls cleaning my ”superclean” supercar.
    Gratefully, Adrian

  6. by the way… you have done a great job with this webpage. i like it. but do you play tdu or you just gather information from other websites and put them here? i want to know if we are sharing the same joy that tdu gives to his fans.

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