Best car for each class in TDU2 – Test Drive Unlimited 2

Best car for each class in TDU2 – Test Drive Unlimited 2

Best Class Car for A1:Ariel Atom
Best Class Car for A2: Nissan GTR
Best Class Car for A3: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
Best Class Car for A4: Audi RS6 Avant
Best Class Car for A5: Audi TT RS Roadster
Best Class Car for A6: Subaru WRX STI
Best Class Car for A7: Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde

Best Class Car for B3: Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris
Best Class Car for B4: VW Toureg

Best Class Car for C3: Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole
Best Class Car for C4: Lancia Delta

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74 Comments to “Best car for each class in TDU2 – Test Drive Unlimited 2”

  1. Thank You for this help, Im not saying that it is you fault or anything. But I bought the Spyker D8 for the First B3 in Hawaii and won. Now im in the bigger B3 competion and cant win any races… PLEASE HELP!!! I NEED THAT $200,000.00!!

    • What I do first is make a backup of my savegame before buying any car. I do this in every game.
      In your case here, do all the races with the Spyker, you should win them all without any troubles.

      • i dont choose spyker bcause:
        1. its expensive (the most expensive for any licnese in ibiza)
        2. i think the exterior and interion not fit for the offroad race. i think just for a showtime (because of glass top).
        3. spyker got a high speed & accel that not used in offroad (u see, a lot of short corners and jump and u will be easy do 360 degrees turn)
        4. i choose benz because its ext,interior and specs great (at leats beat its rival car)
        NB: just saying lol, everyone got different sense :D

  2. What’s up Ben,

    i have the Ferrari Enzo and the McLaren MP4-12C, 2 Bugatti’s one convirtable Aston Martin, a Koeniggsegg, and Ferrari California, ect.

    I also have Miami Harris’s Pink Ford Mustang Fast Back. you know the C4 class one. anyhow i would like to sell it or at least paint it but it wont let me. It is taking up my last spot in my garage. Please give me all the advice you can. You have helped me so much in the past 2 weeks.

    Thank You so much

    The Stig

    • Hello,

      Glad I could help you. You can’t sell a car you received a think. If I were you, I’ld buy a house. you’ll need it.


    • Actually you can sell the cars. Once you’re garage is completley full and you want to buy another car, when you select ok to buy it, it will say that you have no more spcae in your garage. then it asks you if you would like to sell one or more vehicles in your garage, then just select your miami fastback so it will replace the cars. so its kind of like an exchange.

    • or you can go to the used car dealer and sell your cars

  3. Hey Ben

    I know i just asked you something but i need help on obtaining my Asphalt A3-A2 licence and my B3-B2 licence and my C3-C2 licence.

    I just cant beat it. Every time i make a turn in any of the Learners Cars i spin out.

    Any advice?

    The Stig

    • It is really hard sometimes (I had a hard time with the Mercedes one).
      Youtube gave me some ideas on how to take the corners.
      Maybe this will help.


    • All you have to worry about is not powering out of corners to hard and you should be fine!

  4. I have all the cars and this is spot on! nice Job!

  5. Sorry to be picky, but it’s the Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde, not the Fiat MiTo :P The list is spot on though, nice job!

  6. Hi. I think caterham is a better vehicle for A3 than 612. Its acceleration easily leaves everyone behind you.

  7. It’s possible, but I didn’t tried it then, I won easily with the 612. thanks for your comment, it leaves people the choice to choose now between the best cars :)

  8. Actually there is a way to sell cars that you have one off an boss. All you have to do is go to the used car dealership and go to Jude and sell your car to him. You can sell every car there.(: Nice list btw

  9. Hey Ben I have to argue with your list
    The extra car work better like the caterham super light 500 is an a4 class and the Ferrari 612 that the used car guy is selling works great at an A3 class
    I hope I am not coming across as mean or rude I just want to help so I hope that this is ok please tell me if it is too bold and I will understand P.S. How do I get the convertible Audi from the slot machines at the casino?

  10. Oh ya I forgot to ask how I sell the wrecked cars

  11. Hello Ben
    Can you please give me a list of the specs like the top speed, accllaration, and braking of what the A3 class cars have after being tuned up to level 3.
    Many thanks

  12. A1 car is not ariel. but the koenissegg ! And I am sure !

  13. Hey Benwake I can’t figure out how to use the clubs Any suggestions? I need some cash kinda In a stand still right now

  14. I’m really surprised its the Ariel atom for te A1 like it seems so not fast I guess what makes it so good?

  15. for A2 the slr is my pick its fast as hell but really expensive so if you got the cash id get it

  16. I thought it would be the Ferrai California, becuase it hase better acelleration and brakes than the ferrari you suggested, I won every A3 race on my first try with the Califorina, it took me about 2-3 retries total for the Scaglietti. Still a good choice, yet a little easy to spin out.

  17. The ariel atom is the best for a1 coz the acceleration is good and u can take corners faster that anyone else and the i think that the other alpha is better when tuned coz it went faster for me and i had the same amount of tuning level on both but the list is the same as what i had what a coinsidence eh lol if anyone is on ps3 my psn is budpipes_ add me and if u want to join my club just ask but awesome help tho

  18. Thanks for the comments! I prefered the atom too :)

  19. personally the zonda c12s roadster won all a2’s for me first time and ferrari california for a3

    as for classic cars how do you get the shelby datona coupe

  20. With B4 I had both Touareg and Range Rover Sport and found it much easier with the Rangie in my opibion Rangie is faster and handles better than Touareg so i would use that

  21. hey bro thanks for the A6 i had the camaro 1Lt but once i saw this i was like tahts y im losing because i didnt have the subaru once again thanks and P.s do you have tips on the ibiza 1 cup?

  22. You can have another look at the list because while it looks almost perfect there are some cars better than the ones you mentioned

    A2 – RUF Turbo is much better than the GTR not only due to its top speed but also because of its acceleration and very smooth handling. You will 9/10 times beat a opponent in a GTR when driving a RUF Turbo.

    A3 – The California is easier to drive than the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and has better statistics across the board I believe.

    A4 – We could have a long discussion about the Avant. I did use it but it probably has the worst top speed in the class and its the bring the kids to soccer practice car… On the other hand a lot of the other cars are tail happy but perhaps more fun to drive.

    Other than that you are pretty much spot on.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment and what a list !
      Those cars are the cars I have used to win and many other gamers used. But this doesn’t mean it is the best list ever. Some people prefer other cars to drive in and there are so many factors that can make you choose another car. But thanks for the list anyway, I like it though :-)

  23. tdu2gamerqustion // September 26, 2012 at 10:59 pm // Reply

    if you buy a club online and put money into it can you take what you put in out? if you can how?

  24. Cristian Figueroa // November 7, 2012 at 12:56 am // Reply

    Thanks a lot I’m a celebrity now!
    For A1 I used Bugatti Veyron Super sport.
    I won every car with those up there thanks! :D

  25. Why not an Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent for A7?

  26. i like the independent better than the mito

  27. wolfantior // March 19, 2013 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    i dont want to be mean but i think i would go for the Camaro 1LT instead of the WXR sti for couple of reasons #1 its way more epic for me #2 its way more fun of a car to race in the A6 cup and etc. and that is just what i think of them

    • This is the list with the best cars per category, if you pick one of those cars, you’re about 100% sure to win.
      But ofcourse, like myself, sometimes you prefer another car, even with less performance, just because you like the car :)

  28. I have problems with the DB9 volante because it burnout too much and the wheels kept on spinning. what are the other cars best on A4 besides the Aston martin?

  29. The Alfa MiTo sucked compared to the golf!!!!!!
    I bought it and raced it and it sucked so bad I bought the golf

  30. What are the best cars for A3 and A2 because my cousin is having a trouble finding the best car for this class… Help!!

    • Hi, these are the best cars at the time I wrote this post:
      Best Class Car for A2: Nissan GTR
      Best Class Car for A3: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

      I don’t have the game anymore, so don’t shoot if those cars are not the best ones anymore.


  31. dev2fast // May 4, 2013 at 6:48 pm // Reply

    i have a problem. i have 3 wreck cars that i won in the game by completing the search. i want to sell them. any advice? i looked virtually everywhere and even the used car dealership won’t take them. please help!

  32. Marshall Scott Tracy // June 13, 2013 at 5:12 pm // Reply

    Can I trust the a4 class car because everyone says the a4 class is best with a V8 vantage or the Rs56

  33. Hoi Ben
    Ik heb een vraag ik speel dus tdu2 en op ibiza heb ik elk wrak al gevonden maar daar onder staat dat je 8 dingen moet zoeken maar wat zijn die 8

  34. Hello I cannot get past the 4th time challenge in Hawaii cup 1. I’ve tried the Spyker but it’s hard to control also I tried the Audi B3 car and t hasn’t worked. Please help me!!!

  35. The Aston Martin v12 vintage did better for me than the Audi. Also the Mercedes Benz feels much better off road than the spyker

  36. I mean v8 vintage

  37. AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I CAN’T FINISH A3 AND A2 LICENSE!!!! I can’t do the one with the Mercedes and the rainy road down the mountain. I keep drifting off road. Please help!!!!!!

  38. the DLC Shelby GT500 works great

  39. For A7 Golf GTI is the best and the rest are spot on but just not sure about A1…well I don’t know just finished A2 and still deciding…

  40. Hi just wondering how do u get money cheats for xbox 360 cause there r 4 cars I want but altogether they cost at least 6 mill

  41. Hiya!
    I just started playing this game and the first thing I found that it’s obsolete, but it is fun.
    I think that the boss cars and wrecks you get can be just left in the used car used car building. Just don’t claim them they will remain parked there.
    Personally, I really don’t think it matters too much which car you use, eventually you’ll get it however, this list of cars I would have to agree is the best yet.
    Perhaps with one exception of the A7: Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde. That car really stank compared to the Volkswagen Golf. That car was SLOW! I couldn’t compete.
    Another thing I found out is if you need a car for the races, go to the used car lot. The cars are cheaper and they usually have tuning upgrades that gives them an edge. For instance, I got the Hummer for the B4 races and won. And the Hummer I think was the worst choice to use.
    Another example is I used the 69 Charger upgraded for the C3 races and won. But it was difficult to say the least. My preference would have been the Mercedes Gullwing but too much money for that. The Charger is a won wreck in case you haven’t found out.
    I wouldn’t use the Aston Martin V8 Vantage even for a doorstop. I had the worst time with it in C5 driving school. I thought I’d never finish it.
    Also, it’s a good idea to upgrade anything you can at the tuning shops especially the brakes. That will enhance handling and keep you on the track. Especially the offroad races.
    Speaking of the B4 races, Personally, I’d use the Range Rover because you win the boss VW Toureg anyway. But by then you wouldn’t need it. If you use the Hummer keep it because you need it for a photo shoot in Hawaii later in the game. But be sure to upgrade it as much as you can.
    So far I’ve gone through the list up to the Audi TT Roadster and found this list to be most accurate. Great job and Kudos!

  42. Top driver // July 3, 2015 at 9:16 pm // Reply

    In a1 I use the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport (just good at everything)
    A2 Ferrari F430 Scuderia (easy to drive)
    A3 I used to use the Mercedes AMG but in the a3 high championship I started losing so now I use the spyker
    A4 you can use just about anything because they are almost all the same.
    A5 I tend to agree with the Audi TT but I would use a Lotus Evora instead.
    A6 Subaru is the best. Also good for off-road exploring
    A7 I used to use the Golf but started losing the TT in the Ibiza cup. I then bought the Brera instead which was way better.
    B4 Volkswagen Touraeg.
    B3 Mercedes is best.
    C4 Lancia Delta
    C3 Ferrari 308 is much better than anything else.
    Hope this helps

  43. I choose Audi R8 for A2 its really awesome

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