The ultimate test of Fifa 12 & PES 2012 – our own experiences

The ultimate test of Fifa 12 & PES 2012 – our own experiences

This evening, I have the change to test both new versions of Fifa & PES with my cousin. As normal football players on PS3 and PC, we will test both versions with a couple of matches against each other. We are both fanboys of PES and FIFA so this test will be as objective as possible :)

Follow this page and tomorrow, you won’t be dissapointed :)

Update, the test:

PES 2012

- Starting the game. The movies are nice and the menu is nice. Great tutorial and user friendly help.
- Possibility to choose a second player is great. Even with corners, free kicks, … it provides a lot of opportunities !
- Too much replays. Didn’t found the option to uncheck it.
- Sometimes the camera acts strangely.
- Stadion sound is a bit odd.


- Better intro then PES 2012, but who cares, it’s about the game, right?
– Better graphics.

- Horrible menu. All rectangular and scrolling text when it’s too long.
- In some way, you can always score the same type of goals over and over :-/
- What is it with the defense? Are we doing something wrong? We can’t do any pressure on a player.

Our winner -> PES 2012


After a couple of matches on PES and FIFA, there is one thing which is noticeable between the two. In PES, you can always score the same goal over and over again. Go to the keeper, go to the left or the right and you score. Thing you don’t have with FIFA.

Update 2: you can do the same thing with FIFA. Go to the keeper (alone) and push R2 while shooting. The player will place the ball nicely.

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  1. In the last paragraph when u say ‘In PES, you can….” I think you mean FIFA or don’t you??

  2. Yeah, you’re right. I noticed you can do the same thing with FIFA. I added it in the article

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